Pilzys-Wojciechowski Ceramic Works
S.C. in Gozdnica

         Our products are a whole range of elements destined for elevations like tiles, windowsills, bricks and molders in different colors and sizes.
         The main priority for our company is producing materials necessary for renovation and reconstruction of historic buildings. Bricks of any dimension and fitting, elevation tiles, floor and ceramic elements for fences and other architectural details produced at our unit have been built in many historic buildings in country and Germany. We are able to reconstruct majority of old, historic ceramic elements (the examples of which can be seen in the gallery). As far as renovation, reconstruction and construction of sacred buildings is taken into consideration, we cooperate with parishes, monument conservation officers and church investors in the entire country.
         The examples of such buildings are as follows:
Hospital of Sisters of St. Elizabeth in Wrocław
Collegiate church and hospice in Głogów
Garrison Church in Toruń
Seminar and Cathedral in Włocławek
Church in Pieńsk
Church in Lipiany
as well as other objects in Berlin, Dresden, Goerlitz, Namysłów, Inowrocław. (see the pictures)
         Elevation tiles, windowsills, cornice molders, fence elements as well as rectangular and fitting bricks OW- 1 and OW- 2 constitute the major part of our production. Their shapes are often given by hand, and their burning is usually carried out in coal stoves letting us apply natural, already unique salt enamelling. Using these methods also provides the possibility of manufacturing first-class products which are resistant to any weather conditions and distinguished by their highly interesting colors emphasizing individuality.
         The prices of products which are in the continuous production are determined in the price list, however, special-order products have individual prices that are agreed on with the ordering. Accepting such an order is always preceded by individual contacts and arrangements as far as requirements and deadlines.
         Our assortment is continuously enlarged and improved according to the needs of the market. By offering our products we also invite investors and contractors to cooperation, at the same time guaranteeing the comprehensive performance of various ceramic building components.