Pilzys-Wojciechowski Ceramic Works
S.C. in Gozdnica

         We are a producer with over 25-year tradition of clinker and elevation building materials distinguished by their unique technology. We have been on the market in the ceramic industry since 1984 and are still going strong. The unit is located in Gozdnica - town in the Lubuskie Province, situated 12 km from a border crossing to Germany.
         At first, our company specialized in ceramic flowerpots production, and then in 1991 we focused on the production of clinker wall and fence building materials manufactured traditionally with old methods - 70 % by hand. Our products are based on the best Gozdnica and Bolesławiec clays which let us produce materials of great excellence - ceramic clinkers. We are glad to state that we base our production technology exclusively on eco-friendly raw materials, i.e. clay and sand without chemical additions. These raw materials guarantee the best quality and durability of products. What is associated with it, our company's output keeps the immutable appearance for years, is resistant to effects of not-supporting weather conditions and pollutants and most importantly, does not require refreshing treatments. All these factors constitute our particular brand of uniqueness and also influence the recognition in Poland as well as neighbouring countries like Germany or Czech Republic.
         Applying tested and trusty production technologies, which sometimes are very old, we bestow unique appearance features upon our products: colour, shape, technical parameters. As one of very few companies in Europe, we use salt enamelling technology which grants our products unique range of beautiful shades of bronze from coffee with milk to brown chocolate. Coal-fuelled kilns of a cellular type as well as electric furnaces allow us to create the most refined and untypical building ceramics. Moreover, old and tested production and burning methods and the professionalism and experience of our employees, make it possible to create unique and often already unattainable on the market of mass production elements, that are necessary in renovation works and decorating the surroundings.
         Natural methods of drying and burning in traditional periodic stoves fuelled with coal guarantee that our products are original and unique as far as colour, which is obtained without additional dyes. Diversity of shades from bright and subdued reds of Bolesławiec clays, and from Gozdnica's yellows to reds and bronzes - even enamelled and with salt enamel - make diverse production for conservator's and renovation purposes possible, as well as are used in architectural details.
         Laboratory tests carried out by the independent professional building laboratory in Zielona Góra confirm the best quality of our products. The results obtained not only thoroughly meet the requirements put by Polish and European Union norms, but also considerably exceed them. The acknowledgement and satisfaction of our many customers also confirm the quality as well as authenticities of our products.